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Tonino LamborghiniTonino Lamborghini
Tonino Lamborghini

The “Tonino Lamborghini Eyewear” sunglasses are the result of years of Design research to achieve a blend of practicality and aesthetics. Apart from the design, research also focused on the materials such as carbon steel, titanium, acetate and wood that give these items an exclusive touch of class. A product that fully deserves to bear the Bull logo on the Shield.

goldandwoodlogo  Gold and Wood BNS 1280x480

Gold & Wood is no ordinary eyewear brand, but an artisan brand that takes the time to hand-craft elegant Eyepieces™, made from exquisite natural materials. Gold & Wood is driven by a passion for superior quality and ultimate luxury to create innovative and sensual pieces that are timeless and majestic. Using fine woods and buffalo horn and unparalleled expertise, Gold & Wood craftsmen are skilled to create these unique materials into masterpieces, inspecting the work at each stage of the process for perfection.

The artisans at Gold & Wood give an extra touch of soul to their eyewear by constantly seeking to innovate new shapes, combinations of materials and colors and new techniques to crafting their Eyepieces. In the pursuit of creating products that offer true comfort, luxury, elegance and purity, Gold & Wood maintains a philosophy and tradition that combines fine craftsmanship and industrial innovation. Products are designed and manufactured for sophistication and sustainability.

ResRei Res rei frame pic

In the pursuit of a name for our frames, we looked for something that symbolised our Italian heritage. We went back in time to the language of ancient Rome and its empire: Latin. RES REI means ‘the thing’ in Latin. It means an existing object, with substance and form; but it also means a concept, an idea.
 RES/REI is the ensemble of things that make life around us, in all given forms. We believe on incremental development; we question constantly our work, both aesthetically and functionally. We focus on the little details that, at the end of the day, make the difference between ‘the good’ and ‘the exceptional’. We stand for individuality, durability, and research for perfection.




Masunaga Optical - The company’s mission statement since the establishment is “We manufacture excellent eyeglasses. We want to make a profit if we can, but we don’t hesitate to take a loss. It is always in our thoughts to manufacture excellent eyeglasses.” These words are still the basis of the conduct code of employees even more than 100 years after its establishment.

lunorThe Lunor eyewear collection was originally founded by Gernot Lindner, an avid collector of antiques. Lindner's general interest in antiques eventually led him to collect antique eyewear. When the time came for Lindner to look for eyewear for himself, he found nothing that compared to the quality he knew in the antique eyewear collection he already owned. Inspired by the quality craftsmanship of these antique pieces, Lindner founded the Lunor company in 1991.

Lunor short movie: The production of a Lunor acetate frame

Lunor - Access All Areas - A short movie about the production process of our acetate frames.

Posted by Lunor on Wednesday, January 9, 2013